Dive History

Started in 2001 with a PADI organisation in Holland, because I wanted to dive on my trip to Australia. Dove in Australia (and Holland) and liked it. I have been diving with the misses for a few years, then started to go on divetrips in Turkey, Egypt, France, Holland, Oman, Maldives and more. I did not join any specific dive team or club for years after the initial diveteam stopped existing. I had enough buddies and knew the local divers well.

After a while I got involved with Marine Biology via a local Student Dive club (GBD Calamari). The dive club exists of active diver students and marine biologists. They organised Marine Biology training for outsiders. I stuck around after the training. The great thing about diving with the students is that they are active divers, diving in low temperatures and in local areas, also they spot every tiny critter in the water.  After 5 years of diving with them I had to leave as I officially was no student and according to the rulebook I could not stay.

I have now joined Hydrofiel Dive team in Groningen. A local dive club that seems to be active as well and has enough experience in Zeeland and on the Northsea. I restarted training, doing a Northsea wreckdiving specialty. Although I am taking it slow, I hope to get this specialty soon, as it involves doing local wreckdives.

Now happily diving.. 500+ dives and still learning… although only certified to PADI Adv. level. (and got a CMAS **)