MJ 850 Divelamp second life

After a couple of years of intensive use the divelight is getting much worse… the batterylife I had at the beginning was about 6 – 7 dives without recharge when using it on setting 1 or 2 during the dives.

Now I have replaced the old accu’s by new Li-Ion versions. Rechargable, faster to load, constantly delivering maximum power… and just 1 drawback: because of the accutype the batterylevelindicator does not work.

Left: the new accu’s. right: the old ones.

Notice the great work they did at http://www.accudokter.nl/ on adding the little welded knobs on top. The light is now working like a charme, again. I will be using it during our next Zeelandweekend to really put it to the test again.

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